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MS B300

Channels: 12
Body Size:550*610*610 mm
N.W: 19 Kg
Class: Beam Light Moving-Head light

300W BEAM Light with taiwan Jenbo lamp

Model: MS B300/MS B300-1(With Wreless Control)
•Lamp: 300 / 2 FASTFIT (Life: 850 hours Color temperature: 8000K)
• Channel model: international standard DMX512 12 Channel 
• Horizontal scan: 5400(16bit precision scanning) electronic correction
• Vertical scan: 2700(16bit precision scanning) electronic correction
• Color Wheel: 8 color + white, rainbow effect with one-way rotation, full-color two away with a half-color mode switching
• Pluggable design gobo: 8 gobo + white plug-in design, with Positive and negative rotation and rainbow effect
• Strobe: 1-13 times/sec. double guillotine strobe the highest frequency . can select a random strobe and pulse strobe
• Fog: 0% to 100% linear atomization,
• Control panel: Digital 4 characters alphanumeric
• electronic ballast: to make products lighter, stronger light, light bulbs and more stable, and not flicker.
• Auto-switching power supply: to make products lighter, more stable performance, short-circuit automatic protection
• console light bulbs and reset functions, with delay function


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