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MHS 1200spot

Channels: 24CH(16eh) 16CH(16bt)
Body Size:L495*W400*H770 mm
N.W: 52.5 Kg
Class: 1200W Moving-Head light

HMI 1200W 24CH moving head spot with CMY

MHS 1200I HMI 1200W 20CH moving head spot (No CMY)
MHS 1200 HMI 1200W 24CH moving head spot (with CMY)

•Adjustable aperture
•7main colors adding 5mixed colors, achieving high speed rainbow a effect
•Mechanical linear DIMMER and 1-10 times/s high speed STROBE effect
•Horizontal 4500 and vertical 2700 scanning range, smooth scanning action and accurate orientation
•Precise adjustment on horizontal and vertical position
•Precise speed adjustment on horizontal and vertical position
•2-motor motivated on both pan and tilt movement
•4 fixing elegant GOBO (4 fixing GOBO +1white)
•4 rotating elegant GOBO (The other gobos can order, glass gobos included)
•Pattern internal light rotating function, freely adjusting fast , low speed , clockwise and anticlockwise
•Automatic focusing function
•Double magnifier ,color temperature effect
•3 primary color effect (C,M,Y)
•3 primary speed adjustment
•4-facet prism + 2-facet prism + Trapezia Prism + Semi Prism, Prism rotating clockwise and Auticlockwise
•Built-in over heat protection and high voltage protection
•Compatible with DMX 512 international digital signal
•According to various kinds of safety standards,IP20 protect grades, The cable accords to the CE20/22 standard

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